About Zinhammer

About Zinhammer

ZINSPILOT stands for the simple one-account solution: With just one free account, our investor service gives you access to various banks with lucrative investment products from other European countries.


We make saving convenient and guarantee our customers an uncomplicated investment. At ZINSPILOT we offer daily and fixed-term deposits with market-leading interest rates, all of which are backed by European deposit insurance.

ZINSPILOT is a trademark of Raisin GmbH

Raisin is committed to establishing open banking as the new standard for deposit banking. As a provider of the leading open banking platforms (ZINSPILOT and WeltSparen), ZINSPILOT savers get access to attractive deposit offers on the market with just one free account, without having to open new bank accounts.

Our strong partner: Sutor Bank

ZINSPILOT cooperates with the Hamburg private bank Sutor Bank, which enables investment transfers to European banks via just one account. Our customers open their personal ZINSPILOT account with Sutor Bank, which has a German banking license and is subject to statutory deposit insurance and the supervision of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

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