Legitimate once for all banks

After a one-time legitimisation via VideoIdent or identification at the post office, you can use any call money and time deposits.

A Central ZINSPILOT Account

With ZINSPILOT, you can benefit from the attractive call money and fixed deposit interest rates of many European banks via just one account.

Statutory deposit guarantee

The funds invested via ZINSPILOT are legally protected up to €100,000 per investor and bank thanks to the EU-wide harmonised deposit guarantee.

About Zinhammer

ZINSPILOT stands for the simple one-account solution: With just one free account, our investor service gives you access to various banks with lucrative investment products from other European countries.


We make saving convenient and guarantee our customers an uncomplicated investment. At ZINSPILOT we offer daily and fixed-term deposits with market-leading interest rates, all of which are backed by European deposit insurance.

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